Dall’inizio della pandemia da Covid-19, con l’intento di tutelare maggiormente la vostra e la nostra salute, i nostri locali vengono sanificati ad ogni cambio ospiti con trattamento all’Ozono che elimina il 99,98% dei virus, germi e batteri, in rigoroso rispetto delle normative sanitarie in corso.

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Sky and mountains, the only boundaries. The Altopiano is protected and protects. Nature isolates and at the same time safeguards, creating an extremely rich and varied environment, in which flora and fauna build various dynamic and often curious interdependent ecosystems. Spruce and beech woods alternate with wide areas of mixed woodland, home to animals that man respects even when he is out hunting.

The myriad of sounds tells us the environment is teeming with life. So many different types of birdsong and cries of animals on the forest floor, the unmistakable call of the grouse, the most prestigious inhabitant of the Altopiano forests. In the meadows the tinkling of the bells of grazing cattle accompanies the intense droning of insects hard at work. But as you gain height, silence quietly takes possession of the landscape.

And from the remotest recesses and ravines, protected from man, appear roe deer, common and alpine hares and animals which, with eyes and ears alert in full view of predators, balance their instinct for self-preservation with the need to find food. From afar, golden eagles, kestrels and sparrow hawks patiently maintain a silent vigil.

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